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Tango Trip to Buenos Aires 3-17 January 2019: an unforgettable experience

Dear friends!

Our journey to Buenos Aires from 3rd to 17th January 2019 is finished now.
It has been 2 intensive and unforgettable weeks in the sunny Tango capital..


Besides getting to know Tango in its original place and birth town, we went through almost all the neighborhoods, getting the taste of how porteños live. We visited the touristic highlights of course, but we interacted as well with local people

Buenos Aires is a city of contrasts and that is exactly what we managed to experience in our daily walking through the town. From La Boca to Recoleta, from San Telmo to Palermo, from Almagro to Belgrano, we discovered the essence of each area and we visited the top milongas and practicas, many in the night and some in the afternoon.

Of course we visited as well Tango shoes and tango clothes shops, music shops and bookshops.

Besides that we had two great workshops, in Milonga with Hernan Alvarez Prieto, and Vals with Corina de la Rosa. We did as well one special class of Gyrotonics with Corina de la Rosa and a guided practica with Carina Mele. 

To succeed in the Tango scene, we did four classes of Spanish language. 
And finally to get a full impression of argentinian daily life,  we had and asado and milonga with local dancers, and an afternoon practica with the traditional mate and Argentinean bakery. 

This was not a luxury touristic trip, but a trip of discovering, a trip to approach to Argentinean way of live and dance, getting to understand better the soul of "porteños"

And of course enjoying the argentinean gastronomic especialities

Our concept is traveling because of tango and developing friendship at the same time. 

The meaning of our Tango trips is not just dancing, but understanding the culture and mentality that is behind the dancing. 
Our way of traveling is very flexible, you decide how much you want to spend in flight and sightseeing.  That makes our trips affordable to everybody. You may join the whole trip or just few days, and participate in the activities you are interested.
We have many activities already planned when traveling, but we always leave some free time for spontaneous happenings, or just to do your own. 
We offer permanent guidance and coordination in sightseeing, scheduled classes and workshops, and milongas. You bring your tango soul and your best smile

For me, as organizer and guide, this trip to Buenos Aires, my birth town, was once more an starting point. New challenges are on the way. New trips are coming. 
In our agenda is already a new trip to Buenos Aires in January 2020. And I already started planing that new experience.  

Thanks to you all who participated in the trip, traveling with us, helping with classes and activities, coordination or advice. And thanks to all Tango Trips readers and followers for your permanent interest and support, 

I invite all of you to keep following this group and also Tango Trips website in order to get the updates about coming trips.

Best regards!
Marcela/ Tango Trips.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2018

Tango Trip to Buenos Aires 3 / 17 January 2019: Our trip in images!

Introducing the highlights of our trip in a small clip!

  • Register before 15 August to get early bird discount price!
  • Chose between Package 1 ( with 4 spanish classes) and Package 2 (without spanish classes)
  • Early booking  guarantee not only your place in the trip,  but priority in the distribution of the room according your choices, and  place in the workshops.
  • Registration ONLY BY MAIL to :
  • Do not buy flight ticket until getting a mail confirming to do it.

More info about registration and prices: 
Contact us and you will be invited to join the Facebook group Tango & Spanish Trips, where you find all information 

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Five reasons to join our tango trip to Buenos Aires

Tango trip to Buenos Aires 3-17 January 2019

Five  REALLY GOOD reasons to join us!

     Our plan is very flexible!
  • Save money registering earlier, but be able to decide later as well.
  • Manage your money, time and energy during the trip depending of own interest.
  • Decide which activities you want to join.

      January is an excellent month to visit Buenos Aires!
  • Summer guarantee sunny warm weather when is cold and dark in Europe
  • Immediately after New Year meet there many argentinean professional dancers who are on tour the rest of the year. All them there, at the milongas. You do not need to chase them in festivals around the world. 
  • Tango visitors choose this time because summer vacation for locals offers more relaxing time around the city for the tourists

    someone who knows the city by heart 
  • Get to know all information and tips making your trip unforgettable
  • Reach places/activities that would not do in other way
  • Save money and time in comparison with other kind of trips
  • Feel the real soul of the city

    Our goal is tango, but we will have time for something more!
  • Access to the most different and interesting experiences, both related to tango and sightseeing
  • We have planned itineraries getting the best taste of different areas, where to eat, where to buy, what to visit
  • Learn some spanish joining our optional classes and practice daily there
  • Share time with local dancers

5) GET THE BEST OF YOUR TANGO VACATION in the city where tango was born
Our guide developed her first ten years of professional career as tango dancer and teacher in Buenos Aires
  • Experience milongas and practicas with different styles. 
  • Codes and behaviour are different in each place. We help you with that! 
  • Want to buy tango clothes, shoes, tango literature, music? We know exactly where. Make the best of your money and time.
  • Few workshops are planned, but with the top teachers in each subject... You want to go for more? We give you advice! 

Contact us:

More info about the trip:

For prices and conditions, contact us and get invited to our private Facebook group Tango & Spanish Trips, where you find more information.

More info about your guide  in Bs. As.
Marcela Troncoso

Want to know about future trips? 
Stay tunes in this blog:
and follow our Facebook page Tango Trips:

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Tango Trip to Buenos Aires 3 - 17 January 2019

Tango Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 - 17 January 2019 :  milongas, workshops, sightseeing and much more!


Traveling on 2nd January. Arriving Buenos Aires 3rd January. Leaving Buenos Aires 17th January.

Welcome to join us in this trip to experience Tango in the city where it was born. An unique opportunity  to do it with a native tango teacher as your guide.  

Get the chance to develop your tango skills and  learn some Spanish (optional), meantime you enjoy 14 days in the capital of tango among friends.

Get amazed of the Argentinean traditions, food and people. . An encounter that you certainly will remember for a long time!

As additional, we plan sightseeing including Buenos Aires city and surroundings, and a traditional Argentinean asado


Buenos Aires does not need presentation.
One of the largest and most populated cities in Latin America, also the most European because of the mix in the immigration from Europe since the foundation..
The city where tango took shape. The city that never sleeps, with a wide offer of different cultural activities in the "los cien barrios porteños" ( or "100 neighborhoods") 
We will focus mainly in tango activities, practicas, milongas and classes, but with time enough to visit its multiple attractions.
Have a quick look here: 


Our schedule includes a well planned selection of absolute top milongas, sightseeing and activities, that you might follow entirely or partially depending of interest or own wishes.

  • HOTEL located in the center of town, close to milongas/practicas/ shops/ with emblematic sites of the city just some minutes walking distance,  an area with many transport connections, and close by the subway. 
  • VISITING TANGO PRACTICAS & MILONGAS:  we will visit  every day at least one among the most emblematic milongas and practicas, getting a taste of different styles of dancing and socializing.  
  • WORKSHOPS with local teachers with international background.
  • SIGHTSEEING in the city and surroundings.
  • SPANISH CLASSES if you wish : Four Spanish classes, one hour each one, with the basics to communicate in the city/ milongas,  during the first week. Learn basic vocabulary/ verbs / phrases, and basic tango terminology in an easy way, through conversation,
    • Visiting Tango shops (shoes and clothes) 
    • Argentinean asado (barbecue)  special party, among local tango dancers                     

  • Price include: Planning for whole schedule (milongas /practicas /sightseeing /activities) Reservation of  the hotel. Coordination of workshops/special classes with teachers. Guidance in town/sightseeing/activities according the schedule.  Spanish classes (depending of the package chosen)  
  • Price does not include: Costs for: hotel, flight, meals and argentinean asado, entrance/beverages in milongas, workshops and private classes,  transportation from/to the airports and within the city/surroundings, entrance fee in touristic sites and venues..
  • Because of the booking in group of the hotel we got already an extremely good  price in the lodging.

Let us know your interest and we will invite you to join our Facebook group Tango & Spanish Trips where you will get more information about prices and conditions.

Meantime stay in tunes by following our  Facebook page:

You may also contact us by mail:

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Tango & Spanish in Valencia: Quick guide to the trip

Tango and Spanish in Valencia, Spain 2016
PACKAGE 1 : 17-27 december
PACKAGE 2:  17-23 december
Tango classes
  - 14 tango classes (package 1) or 12 (package 2)
  - Weekdays: 1.30 hour morning class  - 1.30 hour afternoon class
Spanish classes 
   - 6 classes (package 1) or 5 (package 2)
   - one daily hours class in the afternoon on weekdays, after tango classes
Other activities: sightseeing, Milongas, shiatzu, spa.
Bookning in group.
Hotel Sohotel Ruzafa: apartments for 2 personer, 4 and 5 persons
- Guillermo Alvarez Zambelli:
- Marcela Troncoso:


1800 kr(swedish kronor) (by deposit in account before 15 Nov.)+130 EURO (paying at the first tango class)
 (we can not garantee place after 15 Nov.)

PACKAGE 2                       
1600 kr (swedish kronor) (by deposit in account before 15 Nov.)+115 EURO (paying at the first tango class)
(we can not garantee place after 15 Nov.) 

 ........ PRICE INCLUDES: Tango classes, spanish classes, guidance in the city and in the sightseeings.
........ PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: hotel, flyght ticket, meals and sharing costs for argentinean Asado, entrance/beverages in milongas, private classes, transport from and to the airports, transport within the city or surroundings in the sightseeings, tickets or other costs during sightseeings ...

Estimated cost:
Lodging: From 14,50 euro/kväll.
Flight ticket: Copenhaguen-Valencia, with Lufthansa, around 2000 DK.


Only by mail:

You get a confirmation by mail, with account information to deposit the first part of the fee.

Snabbt guide till tango resa "Tango & Spanska i Valencia, Spanien"

Tango och Spanska i Valencia, Spanien 2016
PAKET 1 : 17-27 december
PAKET 2:  17-23 december

Tango lektioner
  - Totalt Tango lektioner: 14 (paket 1) eller 12 (paket 2)
  - Vardagar: 1.30 timme morgonlektion - 1.30 timme eftermidagslektion
Spanska lektioner
   - Totalt  lektioner: 6 (paket 1) eller 5 (paket 2)
   - En daglig timme lektion på eftermiddagen i vardagar, efter tango lektioner
Andra Aktiviteter: Utflyckter, Milongas, shiatzu och spa,
Hotel Sohotel Ruzafa: lägenheter för två personer, 4 personer och 5 personer
Logi: Från 14,50 euro / kväll.
- Guillermo Alvarez Zambelli:
- Marcela Troncoso:


1800 kr (betalas på konto före 15 nov.) +130 EURO (betalas vid första Tango lektion )
 (vi kan inte garantera plats  efter 15/11)

PAKET 2                       
1600 kr (betalas på konto före 15 nov.)+115 EURO (betalas vid första Tango lektion)
 (vi kan inte garantera plats  efter 15/11)

 ........ INGÅR I PRISET: Tango lektioner, spanska lektioner, permanent ledning i staden och sightseeings.
........ INGÅR ICKE I PRISET: hotell, flyg, måltider och delade kostnader för argentinska Asado, ingång/drycker på milongor, privatlektioner, transport från och till flygplatserna, transport inom staden och omgivningarna under sightseeings, olika entré avgift under sightseeings...

Beräknad kostnad:
Logi: Från 14,50 euro / kväll.
Flygbiljett: Köpenhamn-Valencia, med Lufthansa, cirka 2000 DK.


endast vid mejl:
Du får bekräftelse vid mejl, med konto info för första del i betalning.

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Breaking news in Tango & Spanish in Valencia! SHIATSU AVAILABLE!

One of the best SHIATSU therapist in Valencia, VEVE SHIATSU, will be available to give us shiatsu massage sessions during the trip.
Considering your comfort and convenience, sessions will be held at the hotel, in your own room, at the moment that suits you.
Intensive sessions of 40 minutes will cost 30 euros.

About Shiatsu
Shiatsu is a different form of massage that comes from Japan. gentle and pleasant massage that nonetheless has a profound effect.
The therapist uses his hands, fingers, knees or elbows.

Shiatsu can be used for treatment purposes or just as a moment of deep relaxation. It is effective against muscle and joint problems, problems in the internal organs  and hormonal problems 

 The treatment is performed on a mattress on the floor whit thin clothes (or sport) clothes on